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About Us

Using our knowledge and experience, we’re helping our customers deal with the pitfalls and uncertainties of setting up production in China so they can focus on their business.


+44 (0) 330 088 8810


+44 (0) 330 088 8810

Our Story

In late 2011, an email from a friend marked “URGENT – need some help!!!” landed in Huw Johnstone’s inbox. Huw was working in China at the time, for a company, sourcing products for large high street retailers. The friend, who had taken steps to grow his business and move his manufacturing to China, was struggling to get the products he had ordered to where he needed them to be in the UK.

Huw to the rescue! With a little help from his existing connections, the order was chased down and completed, Huw supervised the loading and arranged the shipping and his friend was forever grateful. 

That was the seed of GHL Sourcing…

  How could Huw support the people behind the businesses who wanted to grow; those who wanted to develop new products, move their manufacturing overseas or source products in a more cost effective way?

Starting with a huge network of connections, a comprehensive portfolio of factories that could produce a huge range of products and a desire to help people just like Huw’s friend, GHL Sourcing began and the team grew rapidly. 

Now, the team at GHL Sourcing help businesses all over the UK to grow their profits and their businesses with advice, guidance and support with every aspect of moving their manufacturing to China, sourcing products and developing new ideas. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, the team help clients with the pitfalls and uncertainties of setting up production in China so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Our Team

Meet the GHL Team who are here to help you with every aspect of growing your product based business. 

Huw Johnstone

Huw Johnstone

Huw is passionate about helping UK SME’s scale up their businesses and increase their profit margins, by boosting their manufacturing processes or sourcing products more efficiently.

He is well versed in plastic manufacturing and is familiar with the different techniques that can be utilised including injection moulding, blow moulding or compression moulding. Huw’s experience encompasses smaller, more bespoke runs as well as larger mass production. GHL Sourcing has helped to source and produce plastic injection moulded products ranging in size from clothes pegs to tool handles to much larger gardening and office products.

With experience in textiles Huw has an excellent knowledge of materials and techniques that can help to make the product you want; from car seat covers and garden furniture covers as well as sports clothing, polyester tents, gardening gloves and a range of other products.


Based in Guangzhou Rita is an expert in lighting (LED bulbs are a specialty) and has spearheaded several of our woodwork projects.

 She’s a great fan of old school black metal, but also loves a bit of Abba.


A huge repository of knowledge about  injection mould and plastics and has also worked with us on several  textile project. Simon is an old friend and is as reliable as he is organised


Jenny has a lot of experience sourcing sporting equipment and has also done a great deal of work with us sourcing household and commercial cleaning supplies.

Jenny is originally from the Zhejiang area, but now lives in Xiamen with her two Italian roommates.


An amazing addition to the GHL roster, Julia is based in Fujian province but moves around China. She has been the linchpin in several of GHL biggest projects.


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